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Bill Barnhart is a dogged, eclectic researcher and writer who analyzes public problems and solutions from an unconventional, authoritative point of view, based on more than thirty years as a Chicago-based reporter and columnist.
      The former president of the Society of American Business Writers and Editors was ahead of the pack in early 2008, when he wrote in his Chicago Tribune column, “No matter where you look, the scale of actual enforcement bears no relation to the obvious malfeasance and misfeasance of bankers. Rarely have so few caused so much economic harm for so many.”
Recently, he has turned his attention to the troubled state of U.S. manufacturing. “The historic dualism in America's business voice permits the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to promote free enterprise while applauding government handouts," he wrote in Forward magazine, published by the Metals Service Center Institute. "Veterans of Capitol Hill and the federal bureaucracy have long since abandoned expectations that business would advocate any useful doctrine."
In recent web site posts, Barnhart argued that federal securities laws governing corporate raiders should be applied against this year’s Supreme Court decision allowing corporations to spend freely in elections. He faulted liberals for rebuking hypocritical Republican members of Congress who voted against President Obama's stimulus program and then cut ribbons for projects in their districts. Let's applaud all politicians when and however they support job creation, he wrote. Besides, such endorsements would confound the Tea Party Patriots.
     At the Chicago Tribune, which he left in 2008, Bill made daily appearances on the local cable channel, CLTV and was a regulator contributor to Tribune Company’s WGN radio and television stations. He aired a regular commentary on the “PBS Nightly Business Report.” He is a Knox College graduate with masters degrees in teaching and business administration from the University of Chicago.

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